Are you in the UX industry? Here are six reasons why it is worth to be grateful

Are you in the UX industry? Here are six reasons why it is worth to be grateful


It is a great time to work in the User Experience Industry. More Executives understand what UX is and why it adds value to their organisations. A recent report by Forrester revealed that 93% of executives thought that enhancing the customer experience was ranked as a high strategic priority. So, I get frustrated when I encounter people apathetic about the UX Industry. Have they  forgotten how lucky they are? If you are a UX practitioner and you’ve lost passion for your work, I would suggest to read the following six reasons that describe the joy of working in the UX industry:

1. The opportunity to improve people’s lives

I have a chance to  improve people’s lives whenever I design a product or a service. In the back of your mind, you are probably thinking: ‘hey, that is not true. I deal with clients who don’t understand anything about my job  and at the end, my design work changes for the worse to accommodate their wishes’. Stop overthinking it  and stop playing the victim! If a client doesn’t listen to you, I would advise you to focus on using self-reflection as a tool to identify changes you might need to make. For instance, after your self-reflection exercise, you may consider  improving your communication skills by taking training courses.

2. Working for a vibrant community

UX has a vibrant community of passionate professionals. There are numerous UX conferences and events that are held every year around the world. So, there are lots of opportunities for you to meet like-minded people who are as passionate about UX as you are.  I had been fortunate to attend various UX events in the past. I hope to go to many more events next year. More than 64 UX events are going to be held in the coming year worldwide.

3. Dealing with different people everyday

UX is a job that allows you to interact with different people from various  backgrounds, such as stakeholders, developers and copywriters. However, at times, it can be very challenging to work with colleagues from other disciplines. If you ever come across any difficulties during meetings, I would advise you to sit back and listen to their ideas and suggestions; you may learn a thing or two from them even if they are not experts in the subject matter.  

4. Observing people in the wild

I love observing people in the wild. It always fascinates me when I observe people interact with technology during usability testing and contextual enquiries, especially when they react differently from my expectations. It is very interesting to observe and learn more about what people do and how they think.  

5. The UX field is still evolving

You can contribute to the field immensely. It’s a new field and we are continuously learning and improving our knowledge. At the moment, we can use various UX tools and techniques to address problems but as new issues arise, we may need to develop new tools and strategies that would help us tackle them. 

I find the Service Design and software development fields very interesting. For instance, there’s a lot you can take from the software development field, especially when it comes to Agile and Lean principles. Agile and Lean principles are great toolkits that can help you continuously enhance your products and tailor them to your customers’ needs. I would advise you to research and learn from other disciplines. Your awareness of up-to-date best practices will only make you a better practitioner.

6. UX Designers are in high demand

There are lots of UX jobs out there because various companies started to appreciate the business value of UX. You now have the opportunity to find  UX jobs  worldwide. So, if you don’t like your current job, you can secure another position and leave.

I only found six reasons why it is worth to be grateful to work  in the UX industry. What are your reasons?



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