Track your happiness project

Track your happiness project

Last month I took part to the Track your Happiness  project. Following my results:

Where am I happy?

Going to exhibitions make me happy, restaurants, and be out in the street contribute to my happiness.

When am I happy?

Sundays are the happiest days of the weeks, whereas Tuesdays and Weds are not so good.

What activity contribute to my happiness?

Preparing food is another activity that make me happy, but studying is long way down in the list.

Want to/Have to?

Unsurprising I’m happier when I’m doing something that I WANT TO DO but I DON’T HAVE TO DO


Slightly higher level of happiness when I’m interacting with other people


And I’m happier when I’m more focused in what I’m doing

Learn more about your happiness at Track your Happiness


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