Who need Content Strategy? We are all publishers!

Who need Content Strategy? We are all publishers!


Content strategy is an emerging practice that sometimes is taken on by Information Architects. However, now it is becoming a recognised profession. There were three Content strategists at Content Strategy, Manhattan Style: Rachel Lovinger (@rlovinger), Jeffrey MacIntyre (@jeffmacintyre), Karen McGrane (@karenmcgrane), who flew from New York to chat about what they do in their profession.

 Following my notes from the event:


  • We are all publishers.
  • Content is something that we used to pay for, e.g. magazines
  • How do you convince people that they need a content strategy?  With Humiliation and Fear. @jeffmacintyre suggested to show to clients their content. Immediately they will see the problem they have and act on it to avoid humiliation.
  • Content strategy need to be evangelised
  • If we want a better Internet we need to start to plan the content
  • If you don’t sort out your website, don’t even think about publishing web 2.0 contents. If you believe that a blog or twitter account, will solve your problems, you are like a dysfunctional couple that think having baby would solve all their problems.
  • How do you measure the value of content? We don’t know yet how to measure but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

 To find out more about content strategy I would strongly suggest reading Content Strategy for the Web written by Kristina-Halvorson.


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